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Threatened Species in the Dominican Republic
, 11/19/2015

Among the main objectives in preserving the system of protected areas is to safeguard the endemic species threatened with extinction. According to information provided by the Jaragua Group the Amphibians of Hispaniola are amongst the most endangered animal species.

In the country, 46 species of amphibians of Hispaniola are threatened to be extinct from the planet, representing 86%of the population of these animals. This indicator also increases if an inventory of the remaining group in Haiti is counted, 56species, for a total of92%of the community of endemic amphibians in danger of extinction.

Sea Turtles fall into the category of endangered species, which is why since 1996 the Jaragua Group monitors the feeding and nesting in the coastal area of Jaragua National Park and the National Park of the East, including Isla Saona.

Under the same threat situation is the Ricord iguana population, whose species studied are in the Jaragua National Park. These groups are added to the endemic land mammals: Solenodonte and Julio of Hispaniola.

To control the hunting of these animals, and for communities in the area to be their main defenders, the Jaragua Group develops different programs to equip communities with alternatives that allow them to live in their environmental harmony without hurting these animal groups.

According to Yolanda León, member of the organization, "The monitoring species program of the Jaragua Group includes the oldest program in the country running continuously. All programs have been successful due to the involvement of community members in each of the areas where we work with the project. As a result, we have succeeded in stopping the predation and poaching of species under threat of extinction".

"Works of agroforestry and community nurseries are alternatives for sustainable income over ranching the conservation of land acquisition and management of plots to prevent deforestation, and thus protect the habitats of these species. Well-designed monitoring protocols and realistic planning by resources and local capacity are key to guarantee the outcome of efforts to develop in different areas of the country to protect these species elements", stressed León during her lecture Monitoring Threatened Species in the Dominican Republic, presented during the conference cycle Together We Are Green, in Agora Mall.