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Plants Illuminate Villages of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru
, 11/19/2015

42% people lack electricity in rural areas of the jungle region in Peru, According to the latest study by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics of Peru (INEI by its Acronym in Spanish),

Following this the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC by its Acronym in Spanish) of Lima, Peru, decided to get to work and lead a group of four teachers, led by Professor Elmer Ramirez and eight students to "find a solution" which they called "plantalámparas" or lamp plants.

The project consists of "efficient energy-saving lamps (300 lumens), made from plants."

According to Ramirez, the plants take the CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the environment and solar radiation, and from under the earth the water and minerals. They expel their spare nutrients to the ground, interacting with microorganisms through an electrochemical process that generates electrons".

The "plantalámparas" generate light for two hours and can be recharged naturally, "through the power from the plant during the day."

It is a model that integrates sustainable and clean energy free of contamination, adequately using the natural wealth of the area.

Thanks to this social mobilization campaign, which is called Brighten the Jungle UTEC intended to "put the digital community in the shoes (or eyes) of a resident of the jungle to understand how the lack of light can affect the day-to-day activities".



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