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Report of Deterioration in National Parks
, 11/2/2015

The Environment Committee of the Municipal Community of Constance requested that the Government implement Law 64-00 of Environment and Natural Resources for the municipality, in order to preserve its national parks.

The group of representatives, that includes Johnny Marte, María Reina Feliz, Frarman García and Audrey Sánchez, visited the facilities of the Listin Diario, where they reported the situation that Constanza is suffering due to the neglect of its green areas.

According to Frarman García "We need to apply the law as mandated by the Constitution, precisely because our national parks is where our main water resources are, and these are the sources of water for the nation. This is not a problem specific to Constanza but throughout the country”. He added that "more than 600,000 households benefit from the water coming out of Valle Nuevo, and it represents more than 75% of the water from across the nation, so this is a situation of national interest."

The Commission described the situation as alarming, because the productive activities taking place in that territory, including agriculture, livestock, mining, tourism; construction of irrigation infrastructure and energy production, and construction of urban centers, in many cases contributed to the deterioration of natural resources.