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80% of the Waters of Santo Domingo are Contaminated by Feces
, 11/2/2015

According to a study conducted by the Dominican Society of Geology (SODOGEO by its acronym in Spanish), and presented at the International Congress of Hydrogeology, 80% of groundwater in Santo Domingo are contaminated by feces.

Geologist Eduardo Verdeja reported that the water issue was one of the highlights of the congress that took place in early October. The investigation, conducted by engineer Aude Archambault, reveals that 70% of the sewage in the capital are discharged into the aquifer without any treatment.

Verdeja also notes that the most severe impact occurs in the coastal strip, where the under water level is shallow soil.

The geological and hydrological study analyzing fecal and industrial contamination, states that the capital has had a rapid growth, going from a population of 650,000 in 1969 to 3,200,000 in 2010, and a projected 4.9 million in 2040.

However, urban planning, and in particular water and sanitation, have failed to meet that growth.

He adds that in the last 20 years 110 sectoral wells have been drilled from the Water and Sewage Corporation, and thousands of private wells for domestic and industrial use.