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Topix Permeable Concrete Absorbs Water
International, 10/6/2015

English company Tarmac presented the material, which could be the answer to flooding. The Topix Permeable Concrete is capable of absorbing water. To test the material they filmed a video with the most demanded material, turning 4,000 liters of water on the surface in a minute.

This type of solution already exists but only to be used as an inner layer to aid drainage. The novelty is that now, thanks to a breakthrough in the asphalt compaction system, can be used as the contact surface, withstand the impact of cars

According to the creators, it is ideal for large, smooth concrete surfaces, such as a parking lot or large paths of entry, where the accumulation of water is often a problem without solution. It could also be used in bicycle lanes or pedestrian paths, so as to avoid creating puddles and make traffic safer.

The material comprises a permeable top layer, which allows water to drain through it and reach the ground floor faster. In turn, it also has drainage channels in the intermediate layers to assist with this function. According to the company, it has the capacity to absorb up to 600 liters of water per minute per square meter.



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