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Discovery of New Weapon to Fight Global warming: “Optimism”
Internacional, 10/4/2015

It was discovered by an international team of scientists, with the participation of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM, by its Spanish acronym), a new strategy to motivate people in this struggle: to mention the social and economic benefits that a society with less pollution will have in the future.

The fight against this phenomenon is no longer a priority in many countries where unemployment, corruption and the economic crisis are the highest priority for citizens.

To discover the new strategy, the team of scientists conducted more than 7,000 interviews with people from 24 countries. According to the statement of Juan Ignacio Aragonés, a researcher at the Faculty of Psychology of the UCM and one of the authors of the study - published in Nature Climate Change - they asked participants to visualize how society will be in the future; whether it will be better or worse if we do not act against climate change.

"The belief that action on climate change promotes a more benevolent community is a universal thought that we found in all the countries studied," said another of the study's authors, Yoshihisa Kashima, a researcher at the University of Melbourne (Australia).

"Instead of trying to convince people to care more for climate change, maybe they’ll act if the mitigation may produce other benefits interest to them," says Paul Bain, a researcher at the School of Psychology and Counseling (Australia) and main author.

Following these results, the scientists posed to governments to take them into account when designing new strategies.



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