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19 Shark Species Threatened in Mexico by Oil Activities and Over Fishing
Iternational, 10/1/2015

The Tabasco coasts are home to 19 different species of sharks, which are in danger due to the environmental pollution caused by oil activities in the region besides over fishing, which becomes 247 tons per year.

Paraíso, Centla and Cárdenas are municipalities dedicated to oil activities. Shark species arriving in Tabasco have turned away due to pollution, and the fishermen resent the situation as it affects their business.

There are eight platforms whose waste has limited the activity of more than 800 licensees for finfish.

According to the Official Mexican Norm there is a ban prohibiting fishing for black tip or bull shark extending each year from May 15 to August 29. But it is not a ban for the rest of the year, as hunting shark is not clearly specified and it hosts the opportunity to exploit the species.

Blacktip, black fins, bull and tiger shark are classified endangered, because of the demand that their fins have in Asian markets. On the other hand, the horned hammer and lemon are threatened too, but with no law to prevent their capture except for their breeding season.

Tabasco is one of the most fertile and rich states of Mexico. Hopefully a protection plan for these 19 species is presented, and both oil and fishing activities are regulated before they end up completely with the marine ecosystem of the state.


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