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11 Countries in Europe Oppose to Genetically Modified Crops
International, 10/1/2015

Eleven members of the European Union (EU) have asked the European Commission to be excluded from the community territory in which it is allowed to cultivate genetically modified organisms (GMOs), even if they have been authorized at EU level.

These countries include Latvia, Greece, Croatia, France, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, the Walloon Region (Belgium), Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (UK).

Enrico Brivio, the spokesman of the EU executive, explained in a press conference that these requests have already been sent to the companies concerned in the case of Greece and Latvia, while the Commission is working to bring the petitions to other companies, which will have one month to react.

Member States have the possibility to request the removal in its territory of seed companies, until next October 3, although this step is not mandatory, as recorded by the directive on GMO cultivation.

After this date, the EU may adopt measures to restrict or prohibit the cultivation in their territory or part thereof of these products, provided that these measures are in conformity "with EU law, reasoned, proportionate and non-discriminatory" and based on compelling reasons, the objectives of environmental policy and agricultural policy, land use, socioeconomic impacts or public order.



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