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Drought Puts Food Security at Risk
Dominican Republic, 8/9/2015

According to the Ecological Society of Cibao (SOECI, by its Spanish acronym) the irrigation systems are on the verge of collapse, therefore they claim that the damage to some crops will be reflected in a significant reduction in productivity.

SOECI fears that the country's food security is in danger; because of its links with water availability and hydropower generation is affected despite being the priority erroneously.

He regrets that no one stops to think about what is happening with the water catchments areas of the high river basins.

According to an article published in the online portal, the Caribbean claims of the state and society an urgent radical reorganization of land use in the mountains, mainly in water catchments areas.

The organization urges a national debate to address now what could be a catastrophic situation in the not so distant future.

SOECI raises urgent approval of land use law to assume the protection of rivers and upper reaches, as a strategic aspect - which is assumed as State policy - incorporating smallholders to a state subsidy system encourage the sustainable use of soils. SOECI said the grant would help the poorest to produce timber, and their livelihoods without destroying the environment.


Topic(s):    Soil and water