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Special Lights Project Endangered Species in the Empire State to Commemorate Cecil the Lion
International, 8/5/2015

The iconic Empire State building, known for its stunning light presentations, presented a stunning digital light projection of endangered species of the world last Saturday night. The show was presented as a first screening of this type, live video, aimed at raising awareness about animals in danger of being lost forever.

The screen, a project conceived by filmmaker of "The Cove", Louie Psihoyos, showed the projection of endangered animals in a span of 33 floors of the south face of the Empire State building. In total, 160 species were shown, including a snow leopard, golden lion tamarins, birds, snakes, stingrays, several mammals and sea creatures.

At one point an image of Cecil - a lion of Zimbabwe who was shot dead by an American dentist during an allegedly poaching in July - was shown in the building in the Big Apple. His killing triggered a storm of protest in social media networks, and led to calls for extradition of the hunter.

Coincidentally, the uproar gained international attention just days before the light show took place.

The song "One Candle" sounded as projections shone in the center of the iconic building.

The images are shown with 40 projectors of 20,000 lumens stacked on the roof of a building at 31 West Street.

The projections, which began at 9:00 pm, settled for duration of three hours. They were clearly visible to anyone within 20 blocks in the vicinity of that building.

Psihoyos’ Oceanic Preservation Society, in collaboration with Obscura Digital of Travis Threlkel, have been producing elaborate light shows for four years to draw attention to the speed at which species are becoming extinct.


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