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French President Calls for a Climate Change Agreement
International, 7/21/2015

President Francois Hollande urged an agreement at the December summit to the challenges "to security and to the world", and said today that the climate change crisis is the result of "a crisis of civilization that does not say his name", contains an article published by EFE.

"The climate crisis and, more generally, the ecological crisis is one of meaning" whose "root cause" is "a way of life, a mode of production, a mode of consumption that is no longer compatible with human development", said Hollande in the opening speech of the "Summit of Consciousness", organized held in Paris on July 22.

The "Summit of Consciences" marks the long road to the Paris Summit, whose success is committed to the French Government. To do this, they come with various initiatives involving the business world, governments, local authorities and civil society.

With the participation of different religious leaders and philosophical movements, in preparation for the summit on climate change in December in Paris, noting that "we have to completely think the relationship with the planet," and noted that "there is a close link between respect for nature and the defense of culture."

Hollande also said that, based on scientific studies, the goal is to limit global warming to a maximum of two degrees Celsius.

But "if we do nothing, the indicator will be four degrees", and even "if the agreement can be glimpsed, we are still left above two degrees, certainly in three grades," he added without giving details of the status of negotiations.

"We are at risk of conflict with ourselves. Therefore, he argued, we need to bring out rules for the planet, that is why the Paris conference" is being held in December.

According to his analysis, "it's time to make sense of progress" because "when progress does not make sense, fear is pervasive, and fear is the mother (...) of all fundamentalisms".

In parallel, the head of French diplomacy, Laurent Fabius, would meet with ministers and representatives from fifty countries and international organizations, to give a boost to preparations for the conference on climate change.


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