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Gravel Industries Destroy Land in San Cristóbal and Peravia
Dominican Republic, 7/17/2015

There are about 40 companies between the provinces of San Cristóbal and Peravia engaged in the extraction of sand and aggregates. Most of them do not respect the environment or humans that surround them.

This situation has been reported so many times by environmental groups and communities themselves, but it continues to grow, largely with the permission of the Ministry of Environment, other hidden and irregular methods.

Since the administration of former Environment Minister Max Puig, the extractions of materials and construction aggregates for the river and its surroundings were banned, so the activity migrated to other lands, even the ones fit for cultivation.

Other companies continue to extract materials in violation of Law 123 on the extraction of materials, which mandates that the activity is made not less than 60 meters from the road.

Neither company are identified with visible names, and when ask for the people in charge, employees of two of them showed papers as evidence that its owners, identified as Emilio Cury and Chiqui Marcano, have the environmental permits to operate.

Most of these companies, as well as others located in Hatillo and Nigua, develop their activities without taking into account the protection of the environment, only caring about extracting materials.

It is common to see trucks being loaded with aggregates extracted from riverbeds, many of them operated by companies with the respective permits for the environment, as explained by the Deputy Minister of Land and Water, José Alarcón Mella.

Alarcón Mella told this newspaper that the environment agency grants permits for some rivers that the Ministry is working on sanitation and channeling, so that the extraction of aggregates and other sediments are monitored and regulated, highlights the article published by Diario Libre.


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