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They Look for a Name for Pink Octopus
International, 7/17/2015

California researchers studied a small pink octopus that until now had not been cataloged, and as is so adorable they have considered calling it "OpisthoteuthisAdorabilis".

According to Stephanie Bush, a researcher of the institute of Monterey Bay Aquarium, the small animal (the size of a human fist) live in water at a temperature of between six and eight degrees Celsius at a depth of 200.

The octopus is observed by the laboratory of Bush since the late 80s, but began to be studied last year. The researcher became interested in this species while looking for new animals to show visitors to the aquarium.

According to Bush, every year new species are discovered, but not all are listed, because this process can take years.

Indeed, it took Bush several months to measure and studies the morphology of the little cephalopod. Now she needs to deliver a paper to a scientific journal and the task of choosing the name of this species.

So far little is known about this marine species. Bush has only studied 12 female specimens and, as noted, most of the time they remain quiet but sometimes they have to move to eat or reproduce.



Topic(s):    Biodiversity