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Forest Cover in the Basin of the Yaque del Norte River is 40%
Dominican Republic, 7/17/2015

Humberto Checo, Executive Director of the Sustainable Development Plan of the Yaque del Norte river (Yaque Plan), said the forest cover in the basin of the Yaque del Norte River is just only 40%, indicating their level of degradation.

According to Checo, they aim to increase the coverage to 80% in five years, which is 200 thousand hectares of the affected area, planted about 80 million years, to make it a healthy watershed, for which an annual investment of US $70 million is required.

Checo reported that a monitoring of rainfall and flows performed in 20 watersheds, of the 75 that make up the basin of the Yaque del Norte, revealed that the most recent drought reduced 40% the average flows, which shows deterioration.

The executive said the priority now is to restore the lost forest areas and maintain them through appropriate management.


Topic(s):    Forest resourcesSoil and water