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GAIA Town an Application That Aims to Educate Children on the Major Issues Affecting Our Environment
Dominican Republic, 7/17/2015

GAIA Town is a revolutionary game application for children where you can build your own city, seeking that this city is kept in harmony with the environment.
By playing children find information on major issues affecting our environment.

This information is presented in the form of lectures, interactions and challenges, in a way where they can better understand and grasp the concepts. For example, if the player doesn’t turn off the lights when leaving the house, it is fined and invited to play a mini-game that teaches them about saving electricity. Likewise, the game has included decisions that the child must take, from what they have already gained in the process, for example: by learning which power generation plants can be more or less polluting (coal-fired generating plant versus wind plant) they can decide which to use to improve their city or eliminate pollution in the environment. They may also develop skills that can be strengthened and guided by their parents and teachers. To do this, experiential learning is integrated into the game, permanently present in the form of election of the scenarios that appear in response to the decisions that the player makes in the game.

The future of the world in GAIA Town depends on each child. Their decisions can save the environment or harm its inhabitants. Similarly they learn how to extrapolate the lessons learned into their daily live. Players learn about healthy habits, such as the need to rest, grooming, eating to be healthy, food choices and even a time management game. These are aspects they will comprise while playing, and implement in their daily lives.

They will understand how important cooperation and social commitment is to the welfare of all. In this game they will understand that we are one world, we should all care about the resources, and that each of the decisions we make affect us all.

In the Dominican Republic the Gaia Town platform is sponsored by Listín Diario and Cerca Group.


Topic(s):    Environmental education