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Brazil Will Have the First Elephant Sanctuary in Latin America
International, 7/8/2015

Starting in 2016 Brazil will have the first elephant sanctuary in Latin America, which will be located in the state of Mato Grosso (Center-West), near large soy plantations, dairy farms and a national park.

According to Junia Machado, President of the NGO Brazil Elephant Sanctuary (SEB by its acronym in Spanish) and promoter of the project, the idea is to create a center with the model of the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary (TES) in the United States.

The NGO received a plot of 1,100 thousand hectares (equivalent to 1,540 football fields) in the Atlantic Forest protected pasture and water sources, about 40 kilometers from the tourist park of Chapada dos Guimaraes.

Initially the sanctuary will serve three females including Ramba, a 50 years old elephant of the Asian species who worked for decades in Argentina and Chile circuses.

The other two females, Guida and Maia, are 40 years old and they've been living on a farm in Minas Gerais (Southeast) since 2011, after being released from a circus in Bahia by order of the prosecutor of this northeast Brazilian state.

Brazil was chosen to house the shrine because its centrally located in Latin America, its pleasant climate and most affordable costs than in the United States.

When the center operates as a whole it may hold more than 50 elephants, but they will not engage in playing or be open to visitors.


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