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Dominican Navy, Naval Auxiliary and Ministry of Environment Involved in Saona Island
Dominican Republic, 6/28/2015

The Dominican Navy and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources started the process for the establishment of a system for collection of the solid waste produced daily by the tourism activity and about 80 families that are scattered in the adjacent island, located within the Cotubanama National Park.

The initiative will seek to curb pollution generated due to the solid waste that are accumulated without controls at various locations in the community of Mano Juan and Catuano, where hundreds of Dominicans and foreign tourists flock daily to enjoy the beaches and other attractions.

The activity was complemented by the civil-military operation which included medical consultations, a talk on maritime safety by Dominican Naval Auxiliaries, regularization of navigation enrollment and delivery of toys and equipment.

Leading the session were the Ministers of Environment and of the Youth, Bautista Rojas Gómez and Jorge Felix Minaya, and Vice Admiral Edmundo Pimentel and the National Naval Auxiliary Commodore, Eduardo Read.

The activity seeks the removal of garbage and to drive the initiative to significantly lower the levels of pollution from solid waste.

The authorities explained that the first step is awareness of the community about how to classify the garbage and the danger posed by environmental pollution on the health of the inhabitants.

They also expressed that biodegradable waste will be transported off the island on naval units of the Navy, and in the case of degradable waste, a system will be installed to use them as fertilizer in existing orchards on the island.


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