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The centipede ''Hades''
International, 7/6/2015

A group of international researchers has discovered the hideout of a new species of centipede that lives in terrestrial depths. Specifically at 1,100 meters underground in the Velebit Mountain in Croatia. A home so hidden that experts have christened this new issue with the nickname of Hades in Greek mythology, the god of the underworld.

This invertebrate has been found by members of the Croatian Society of Biospeleology and the discovery has been published in the journal Zoo Keys.
It is currently the deepest underground centipede record to date, which shows clearly the great adaptability of this species to life underground.

Centipedes are carnivores that eat other invertebrates. They live under stones and are specialists in pursuit and capture earthworms in their own underground galleries.

They often live in caves, but the members of this particular order, called Geophilomorpha, usually only found refuge there occasionally. Species with a life cycle restricted to cave environments are exceptionally rare in the group.

Like most underground animals, this newly discovered species meets unusual features, some of which are commonly found in the cave arthropods, including both elongated antennae and claws on the legs and a body covered with hair.


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