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Chinese Citizen is Seized for Having a Conch
Dominican Republic, 6/29/2015

According to a publication in the digital portal of the national newspaper, Listín Diario, the Attorney General's Office launched to the Caribbean Sea different types of marine products that were seized after the exporting company violated a permit issued in 2013.

As the agency reported during a press conference, the company Xinda Trading Company, located in Boca Chica, is still being prosecuted for violation of the Constitution of the Republic, Law 64-00 on Environment, Fishing Law 307-4.

Marine species were thrown into the sea by the Attorney for the Defense of the Environment and Natural Resources, at a ceremony held on the terrace of maritime viewpoint of the George Washington Avenue in the Centro de los Héroes.

This activity was led by the prosecutor of Environment, Francia Calderón Collado and other officials of that office of the public prosecutor.

Calderón Collado reported that marine species were returned to the sea, because launching decomposed materials in landfills could pose a danger to health, and the shells provide shelter for marine species.

Among the variety thrown into the sea there were 12 bags of conch mass, weighing 540 pounds and 97 boxes of the same product shell. Each box contained a weight of between 40 and 50 pounds. Also they are containing shark fins, weighing 270 pounds and four sacks of sea cucumber, weighing 18 pounds.

The seizure is the result of a process carried out to the owner of the company Sum Ng Chin, a Chinese citizen. The case has had several postponements, and will be announced on Monday 29 in the Court of Permanent Care of the Province of Santo Domingo.

The species were seized on November 27, 2013 in Port Haina, where would be transported to Vietnam, in violation of a permit that had been granted to export 26,000 kilograms of the species of conch shell.
Calderón Collado said such action is punishable from six days to three years in prison.


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