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The World's Largest Turtle Nests on One of Our Beaches
Dominican Republic, 6/15/2015

According to information published in the Accesdr digital portal, the experience of watching a leatherback nesting (Dermochelyscoriacea), the world's largest sea turtle can be obtained in the Jaragua National Park (PNJ by its acronym in Spanish). This turtle can measure up to two meters long and can reach a weigh of half a ton.

Annually dozens of leatherback sea turtles come to Aguilas Bay to spawn. This beach is part of the PNJ and is famous for its fine white sand, shallow water and natural state. It has the best-preserved coral reefs in the Caribbean islands.

Experts of the Jaragua Group, that are constantly monitoring the different species, had recorded this year about 23 sea turtle nests in Aguilas Bay.

The Leatherback sea turtle nests between 3 to 8 times in a span of 7 to 14 days between February and August. In each spawning it lays about 100 eggs, and the closest to the surface are fake eggs. Births occur about 60 days after spawning.

The Jaragua Group is a nonprofit organization created in 1987 to look after the Jaragua National Park.


Topic(s):    Biodiversity