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New Frog Species Discovered are Named after the Minister of Education
Dominican Republic, 6/19/2015

A group of researchers, led by Sixto Incháustegui, acknowledges the current Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT by its acronym in Spanish), Ligia Amada Melo, by giving her name to a new species of frog native to Hispaniola.

According to Incháustegui, Eleutherodactylusligiae is the name of the amphibian discovered in the Neybay Mountain Range that has unique morphological characteristics, inhabiting in altitude rainforests, predominant yellow color in the back and legs; It is very small (15.7 mm), compact appearance and dark in areas of the abdomen and throat.

For the designation of the amphibian as ligiae it was taken into consideration the extensive intellectual work of the Minister of MESCyT in the education field, especially as a former biology professor at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD by its acronym in Spanish), where she developed a constant and productive academic career achievements and contributions to the advancement of life sciences in the Dominican Republic, It stresses the article published by the newspaper El Caribe.

In the investigation where the Eleutherodactylusligiae was discovered participated Professor Luis M. Díaz of the National Museum of Natural History of Cuba, Sixto Incháustegui and Cristian Mars, of the National Museum of Natural History of the Dominican Republic.

After receiving the recognition at the Pedro Mir Auditorium of the UASD Library, within the framework of the closing of the Eleventh International Congress of Science and Technology, held from June 10 to 12, Dr. Melo thanked everyone and expressed the personal meaning that this recognition represents; sharing her name with a kind of species with the characteristics of this frog, expressing her passion for biodiversity and the protection of species, especially those that are endangered.


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