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Zero Trash Plan Strengthens Tourism in San José de Ocoa
Dominican Republic, 5/21/2015

The tourism profile of San José de las Matas has been consolidated with the implementation of the Zero Trash plan, a solid waste management program that aims to reduce, reuse and recycle trash produced by people in the municipality. 

Town Mayor, Jorge Luis Bisonó, said that San José is a tourist area regularly visited by thousands of people from around the country who come to the ecotourism sites and praise the cleanliness of the area. For that reason, locals are proposing the Zero Trash project. According to Mayor Bisonó, tourism in the region is growing “because San Jose de las Matas is clean, has ecotourism and is very productive,” according to the Listin Diario newspaper.

The Mayor said an investment of $2 million pesos and 246,000 euros invested in the garbage dump, hiring professionals, trucks and garbage tankers has resulted in the construction of three second-home apartment projects.

Recycled plastic is being made into jewelry and sold, providing resources for local families who market their goods in tourists areas like the Hydroelectric Amusement Park, Suspension Bridge, Salto Anacaona, Pico Duarte and La Ventana Beach, said Mayor Bisonó.

According to Bisonó, approximately $30,000 pesos come back into the city council through the sale of recycled cardboard to a company in Santiago. The money is then used by individuals to educate others on how to wisely invest or save their disposable income.


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