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Experts Say No to Coal Plants in Punta Catalina, Citing Environmental Concerns
Dominican Republic, 5/18/2015

Former Dominican Environment Minister and president of the Alliance for Democracy (APD), Max Puig, told a panel on “Electrical Pact, Coal Plants and Social Environmental Movements,” that the construction coal plants in Punta Catalina, Peravia province, should not go forward “whether under government of private ownership.” 

Mr. Puig explained that these plants will use coal as fuel no matter who puts up the money to build them, pointing to the recent proposal put forward by the National Council for Private Enterprise (CONEP in Spanish), that State transfer of coal plants to the private sector “does not reverse or weaken opposition to coal use in these facilities.” He warned that if construction of these plants goes forward, they will face criminal charges for being illegal and for the damage they will produce among the population.

Puig stressed the coal plants will seriously affect people’s health and will pollute the area’s crops, which are currently certified as wild fruit, such as mangoes.

The panel was organized by the Committee in Defense of Health, the Environment Ministry and the Agricultural Production of Peravia Province, a member of the National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC in Spanish).


Topic(s):    Sustainable development