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Environment Ministry and Central Bank Promote Environmental Projects in Upper Basin of Ozama River
Dominican Republic, 5/1/2015

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources signe an interagency cooperation agreement with the Central Bank for the environmental restoration and reforestation of the upper basin of the Ozama River.

The initiative seeks to combine efforts and provide continuity to the Reforestation and Ecological Restoration Project in the upper basin of Ozama River, from Loma Siete Picos, in Sierra Yamas of Monte province.

Environment Minister, Bautista Rojas Gómez; Ervin Novas Bello, president of the Central Bank’s Volunteer Corps and Luis Martín Gómez, Executive Vice President, over saw the signing of the agreement. Mr. Martín Gómez stressed the Bank’s interest in working to preserve this important water tributary, according to the Communications Department of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

Through this cooperation agreement, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources is committed to provide the necessary plants and seedlings for reforestation of selected land. It will also oversee paying the workers and providing necessary tools for the reforestation project, among other things.

Responsibilities of the Central Bank’s Volunteer Corps include recruiting and mobilizing personnel who have decided to participate in the reforestation work. They will also, as laid out in the agreement, write a quarterly report for the Ministry of Environment on the activities they undertake.

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