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Term National System of Protected Areas

The system that integrates all of a country’s protected areas. It consists of a harmonized set of terrestrial or maritime natural areas which fall under certain management categories like national park, forest reserve, wetland or natural monument, among others. Its management is based on objectives for the protection and conservation of biodiversity.

In the Dominican Republic, protected areas are managed through the National System of Protected Areas (SINAP, its acronym in Spanish), a set of natural areas managed within special categories and which possess very specific characteristics, objectives and operations. The aim of the SINAP is to manage these different areas as if they were a single unit, yet respecting their particularities.

Until 2009, SINAP was composed of 86 protected areas, distributed throughout the country and divided into eight categories: 8 protected areas, 15 national reserves, 19 national parks, 19 natural monuments and 25 habitat and species management areas.

In 2009, Presidential Decree 571-09 added 32 protected areas to the 86 existing ones in the Dominican Republic (see Table N-1).1

Currently, SINAP has a total of 119 protected areas that have been declared by law, and which are classified into 12 management categories, covering over 25.472 square kilometers in both terrestrial and marine areas, equivalent to 52.8% of the country. These areas, designated for the protection and conservation of biodiversity, cover approximately 90% of the diversity of species recorded in the country.1

1Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales. Cuarto Informe Nacional de Biodiversidad: República Dominicana; Convenio de Diversidad Biológica (CDB): Santo Domingo, 2010, p. 28.


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