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Term Environmental services

Also called: natural services.

Goods and services provided by nature to all mankind or to a specific population, from an economic perspective. Environmental services are directly dependent on the "healthy" operation of ecosystems and the biodiversity they contain. Among the most important environmental services nature provides to human society, we find the provision of potable water (water cycle), carbon fixation and pollination of plants.

The concept was first introduced by Robert Constanza, who recognized the importance of
assigning the environment an economic value in the market because, historically, nature had never been assigned a value in cost-benefit analysis. It is used as a tool for conservation and for financing sustainable use investments.

In the Dominican Republic, pine and broadleaf forests located in the J. Armando Bermúdez and José del Carmen Ramírez national parks provide various environmental services. On one hand, these ecosystems are water producers and protect the sources of two major rivers, Yaque del Norte and Yaque del Sur.

On the other hand, these forests are the natural habitat of native and endemic species such as the papagallo (Priotelus roseigaster) and the parrot (Amazona ventralis). The scenic beauty of these forests has made them the largest forest destination in the country’s ecotourism industry. Every year, tours are organized in which visitors walk through trails to get to Pico Duarte, the highest mountain of the Dominican Republic. The local communities provide their services as tour guides, in addition to making ??crafts and renting horses.


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