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Term Biosphere Reserve

Large, natural area, recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and its Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB), thanks to the international importance of its biodiversity and its integrated functions in biodiversity  conservation, economic development, and human development for the benefit of surrounding communities, of research, or of education, in which there are joint management efforts oriented to the rational use of resources. Although biosphere reserves are internationally recognized, they remain under the sovereignty of their respective countries and are not covered or protected by any international treaty. There are over 500 biosphere reserves in over 102 different countries.

On November 6, 2002, the MAB UNESCO programme approved the Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve in the Dominican Republic. This reserve is located in the southwest and includes the Jaragua National Parks, Sierra de Bahoruco and Lake Enriquillo. It has a total area of 4.767 km2, of which 3.175 are terrestrial and nine are marine, constituting the core zone of the reserve. The remaining area is distributed in four buffer zones, of 460 km2 and a transition or multiple use zone of 1.011 km2 of land and 112 km2 of sea.

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PhotoHoyo de Pelempito
PhotoParque nacional Jaragua
GraphicMapa de la reserva de la biosfera Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo
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