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Term Natural resource

Those material goods and services provided by nature that are considered valuable for human societies because they contribute to their welfare and development.

Depending on the perspective, the concept of natural resources has different meanings.  In regards to the economy, the means that contribute to the production and distribution of goods and services for human use are considered resources.

According to their availability, their generation (or regeneration) rate and their use or consumption rate, natural resources are classified into two categories: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable natural resources refer to unlimited resources, which may be biotic (forests, fisheries), physical (sunlight, tides, winds) or geographic (mountains, lakes). On the other hand, non-renewable natural resources are generally limited deposits or those with regeneration cycles well below the rates of extraction or exploitation (mining, hydrocarbons

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GraphicLos recursos naturales se clasifican en renovables y no renovables
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