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Term Solar radiation

A set of electromagnetic waves that the sun emits at a temperature of about 6.0000 Kelvin. Electromagnetic waves can be ordered in a spectrum, ranging from short to long wavelengths. Solar radiation is emitted at all wavelengths, but it has its peak in the region of visible light, which is distributed from infrared to ultraviolet. Not all radiation reaches the surface of the Earth, as the shorter ultraviolet waves are absorbed by gases in the atmosphere, mainly by the ozone.

Solar radiation is the main energy source of the biosphere and climate, providing a constant level of energy in the form of heat and light that supports life on Earth. In the Dominican Republic, solar radiation occurs for 11 to 13 hours per day, given its latitude and proximity to the Equator. However, the number of hours with bright sunshine, known as insolation period, is only approximately 6 to 7 hours.


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