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Term Cleaner Production

A preventive company specific environmental strategy, applied to the production process, intended to minimize waste and emissions, maximize product output and reduce the risks to humans and the environment. It is known as CP.

As it relates to the production process, CP is geared toward conservation and efficient use of raw materials, water and energy; reduction and minimization of the amount and toxicity of waste; replacement of hazardous raw materials, and reduction of the negative impacts that accompany their extraction, storage, usage or transformation. In products, it is oriented towards the reduction of the negative impacts that accompany a product’s life cycle, from extraction of raw materials up to its final disposal. In services, it is geared toward the incorporation of the environmental dimension in both the design and in the presentation of services.

CP refers to pollution prevention, more energy efficiency, more recycling, re-use and recovery. Pollution prevention is not the same thing as cleaner production, but forms part of it. Clean production is not the same as cleaner production: the first is the utopia of the second. Cleaner technology is a component of cleaner production.

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