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Term Sewer system

System of structures and pipelines used for transporting wastewater or sewage (sanitary sewage) and rainwater from their places of origin to where they reach streams or treatment plants.

Table S-1 offers information on access to sanitary sewage services for the disposal of household wastewater in the Dominican Republic. In 2007, only 24.84% of the country's homes had sanitary sewage services. Most households (70.93%) dispose of waste principally through septic tanks, filtering wells and latrines, which have had a major impact on the quality of groundwater in the country’s major aquifers (such as the Santo Domingo aquifer).

It is important to note that there is a wide gap between sewer coverage in urban and rural areas. Access to sewer systems diminishes in marginal urban areas and inland urban centers, where the use of latrines is common. This is also the preferred technology in rural areas.


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PhotoSewer system
TableTable: Percentage of the population with access to sanitary sewage services
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