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Term Genetically modified foods (GM foods)

When recombinant DNA techniques are used to produce a nutritious substance, or its ingredients. It refers to foods which contain genetically modified organisms. Soy is the most common genetically engineered crop in the world, followed by corn. Products such as milk, flour, oil, chips, sauces and soups are processed from these two crops. Other foods in the list of genetically modified products include: potatoes, strawberries, squash/pumpkins, tomatoes, beets, rice, canola oil and chocolate.

Regarding potential risks to human health, the World Health Organization (WHO) and various experts in the topic have identified three main issues: the transfer of foreign genes to cells in the human body, the allergic reactions that these may cause and lastly, the transfer of genes from genetically modified crops to conventional crops or wild species, the effects of which cannot yet be predicted.


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PhotoGenetically modified foods (GM foods)
PhotoCultivos genéticamente modificados
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