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Term Urban area

A geographical area occupied by dense human settlements (cities) with infrastructure and developed road networks, generally associated with an industrial zone or areas which offer services to society.  It is the opposite of a rural zone.

In the Dominican Republic, 69.2% of the population resides in urban zones.  The coastal plains of the south and the Cibao Valley are the most densely populated regions of the country, where the largest cities by population are located: Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros, San Felipe de Puerto Plata and La Romana.  According to the United Nations, the growth rate for urban populations in 2005-2010 was 2.44%.1

1Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat. World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision and World Urbanization Prospects: The 2009 Revision [online], 2009. (Accessed: March 26, 2011)


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