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Term Infralittoral zone

A rocky coastal area which is always under water, even during low tides.  In the Dominican Republic, this zone is dominated by red sea urchins, Echinometra Lucunter, which form enormous colonies within hollows which they construct (50 organisms/m2).  Molluscs and small sea cucumbers are also abundant.

Crustaceans are represented by the crab, Graspus graspuswhich travels rapidly across the entire littoral zone-- and small hermit crabs (Clibanarius tricolor, Clibinarius antillensis, Clibinarius cubensis, Calsinus tibicen), among others.  Small sea roaches of the genus Ischonochilton and Ceratozona, as well as starfish can often be found on loose rocks.  97 species of algae have been found in this zone.


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