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Term Life zone

Ecological unit defined by Holdridge (1967) as the basic element of his World Life Zone Classification System.  Life zones are based on temperature (average annual biotemperature), humidity (total yearly precipitation) and evapotranspiration (ET) potential of different regions of the world.  Each life zone presents characteristic plant associations which are used as zone indicators.

In the Dominican Republic, there are nine life zones and seven transition zones.  Generally speaking, life zones with higher temperatures and lower precipitations are located in the southwest and northwest of the country, in the leeward areas of mountain systems.  The more humid areas are located in the northeast and in the high mountain regions, in the windward parts of the mountain system, and are influenced by trade winds.1

1OEA (Organización de Estados Americanos). Secretaría General. Reconocimiento y Evaluación de los Recursos Naturales de la República Dominicana: Estudio para su Desarrollo y Planificación: Washington, D.C., 1967.

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