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Term Coastal Vegetation

Vegetation composed of plant species, which have adapted to conditions of flooding, wind, salinity, as well as other factors specific to coastal areas.

Typical coastal vegetation is found in the various marine and coastal ecological systems of the Dominican Republic, such as islands, islets, sandy beaches, dunes, rocky coasts, mangroves, marshes and wetlands, mudflat shallows or salt marshes, estuaries and coastal water bodies such as brackish, salty or briny lagoons.
According to studies conducted in the country, 40% of the plants are herbaceous, 22% are shrubs, 15.4% are trees and 15% are climbing plants. In terms of their origin, 7% of the plants are endemic, approximately 68% of them are native plants and 10% are plants that were later introduced to the country. Only seven species of plants typical of coastal vegetation in the Dominican Republic are legally protected under the national law. Two species are protected by international agreements.


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