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Term Non-governmental organization

A private, non-profit organization created outside institutional political structures with the objective of achieving social, political, economic, environmental objectives, among others. Many NGOs operate as private associations or foundations. They often serve as catalysts or facilitators of processes aimed at conservation of nature, human welfare or sustainable development in general.

According to the most recent listing from the National Center for Development and Promotion of non-profit Associations (2010), the Dominican Republic has more than 4,000 registered NGOs.1

FIGURE N-1 Non-governmental organizations have a radius of action from the local to the international level.

1 Ministerio de Economía, Planificación y Desarrollo. Listado ASFLs actualizada al 18 de enero del 2010. (Consulta 23 marzo 2011)

Additional Information
GraphicLas ONG tienen como radio de acción desde un nivel local a uno internacional
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