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Term Order

Taxonomic category placed within the scientific classification order between class and family. Several orders can be grouped in super orders, and the individuals of an order can be classified into sub orders. Examples are the orders of rodents (mice, squirrels and rats), chiroptera (bats) and carnivores (lions, crocodiles and sharks). Likewise, there is also edaphological taxonomy, developed and coordinated internationally by the U.S Secretary of Agriculture, which establishes an order of soil that are characterized by their biological, chemical, and physical traits. Within the Cibao Valley, the predominant orders of soil are Entisol, Aridisol, Mollisol, Vertisol, Alfisol and Inceptisol.1

1Tirado, G. Los suelos de la Republica Dominicana [en línea]; FAO (Organización Mundial para la Agricultura y Alimentación, 2003. March 23, 2011)

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