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Term Tropical wave

Area of low pressure associated with large extensions of clouds and rain that move towards the west with the trade winds along the tropical belt of the Northern Hemisphere from 0° to 25° North. They occur in the month of June in the tropical Atlantic, when the temperature of the seawater begins to increase above 28° C, the ideal condition for the potential development of a tropical cyclone. It is also called a trough or depression. The vast majority of tropical waves that affect the Caribbean region and reach the Dominican Republic come from disturbances that develop off the northern coast of Africa. These are generated or powered by wind currents that blow from west to east called jet streams. Their circulation and the area of high pressure that exists in the North Atlantic generate waves that move toward the east in the direction of North America from the northern coastal area of the African continent.

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GraphicFormación de ondas tropicales en el Océano Atlántico
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