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Term Mollusk

Invertebrate animal with a white body, which can be naked or covered by a shell, usually divided in three parts: head, visceral mass and foot. Mollusks are one of the largest phyla of the animal kingdom, with about 100,000 species in the world. Examples are the lambi, oyster, squid, octopus, the slug and a variety of both land and sea snails.

Mollusks have adapted to virtually all environments and currently live in many ecosystems, from the extreme depths of the ocean to the great heights of the mountains, more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

In the Dominican Republic, some 514 species of marine mollusks have been classified, and a total of 566 in all the island of Hispaniola .1

1Feliz, José M. Saltos de Damajagua: una experiencia de comanejo. Pilares; Revista de la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, 2008, 4(5), p. 17-19



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PhotoMollusk - Caracol
PhotoEl caracol terrestre (Liguus virgineus) es una especie endémica de La Española, cuya distribución está restringida al parque nacional Jaragua
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