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Term Water

Water is one of the most abundant substances on earth. It is composed of one atom of oxygen and two hydrogen atoms (H2O). The properties of water are: at room temperature it is liquid, odorless, tasteless and colorless. It covers about 71% of the earth’s surface. In large quantities it has a light blue tone.

Life on the planet is linked to water, and all organisms contain this element in their compositions. It plays a very important role in some metabolic processes. Water is distributed in various forms and places throughout the planet, being most abundant in the oceans and the polar ice caps. It is also distributed in clouds, rivers, lakes, soil, and underground in aquifers.

Approximately 97 % of the water on Earth is located in the oceans, with the remaining 3% being fresh water. However, this water is not always accessible for human use, which presents a challenge for them. The distribution of water on earth is as follows:


Oceans:                                                      97.4100 %

Fresh water:                                                 2.5900 %

Blocks of ice and glaciers:                           1.9840 %

Surface water:                                              0.5920 %

Easily accessible water:                               0.0140 %

Soil humidity:                                              0.0050 %

Lakes:                                                          0.0070 %

Atmospheric water vapor:                           0.0010 %

Rivers:                                                          0.0001 %

Biota:                                                           0.0001 %


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