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Term Botanical Garden

Land that houses a living collection of a variety of plant species, collected in facilities that permit the existence of different microclimates and habitats, and absolute control over the populations and their distribution. Its objectives are of scientific and educational nature.

The Doctor Rafael María Moscoso National Botanic Garden, located in the Los Altos Gala in Santo Domingo, was inaugurated on August 15th, 1976 through Act 456. It is a decentralized institution that depends on the Administrative Secretariat of the Presidency of the Dominican Republic, which was attached to the Ministry of Environment through Law 64-00 of August 18th, 2000.

The botanical garden was created in order to study, conserve, and manage the diversity of flora in the country. It was named in honor of the first Dominican who excelled in the area of botany with his Catalogue of the Flora of Hispaniola, published in 1943.

Today, this institution focuses on educational activities and research, and has three departments in the areas of botany, horticulture and environmental education.

The institution is recognized internationally for its scientific journal Moscosoa, which publishes the annual results of important floral research and discoveries, and houses a collection of more than 125,000 specimens of plants.

In addition to its scientific nature and to providing programs and educational activities, the botanical garden is a place for recreation which receives thousands of visitors each year.

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