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Term Structural basin

A block of the Earth’s crust that has descended between parallel faults. In the Dominican Republic, the Enriquillo basin is located in the southwest region between the Bahoruco and Neiba mountains in the provinces of Independencia and Bahoruco.

It has an approximate area of 1,825 km2, and the portion of it within Haitian territory is called the Cul-de-Sac Plain. The Enriquillo basin originated when the marine channel linking Neiba Bay and the Bay of Port-au-Prince dried up as a result of evaporation, elevation and sedimentation during the Pleistocene-Holocene period.1 Lake Enriquillo is located in the central part of the depression, where the main rivers and streams of the area—the Las Damas River, and the Las Marías and Las Barías streams-- flow.  The Cabral lagoon is located in the eastern side of the depression. The lagoon, along with the Yaque del Sur river, form the natural boundary between the Neiba valley and the structural basin.1

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