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Term Corporate environmental management

Set of practices, procedures and processes designed to help understand, manage, and reduce the negative impact of a company’s services and activities on people and the environment. The National Network of Business Support for Environmental Protection (RENAEPA), which represents more than 100 companies, is a leader in corporate environmental management in the Dominican Republic. Its mission is to promote the integration of the business sector in developing a culture of conservation and sustainable management of natural resources and the environment.

RENAEPA has demonstrated its commitment to a new Dominican corporate culture through various agreements signed in 2010 with the Ministry of Environment, international organizations, and national institutions, including the Environmental Law Institute of the Dominican Republic (IDARD), the Dominican Institute of Integral Development (IDDI) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID), among others.

The IDARD offers opportunities for training in the field of Corporate Environmental Management, through certifications, graduate courses and workshops. In early 2010, IDARD and RENAEPA signed a strategic alliance to implement the international ecological certification program, Eco Schools, in educational centers.

In June of that year, RENAEPA also established a cooperation agreement with IDDI, which, with a contribution of US$16.8 million from USAID, intends to provide technical and financial assistance for the establishment of a Management and Environmental Conservation Program. The program, aimed at improving the environmental performance of companies operating in the country, will implement awareness building and training activities, thus promoting the use of environmental management tools, such as cleaner production and recycling in all companies allied with RENAEPA. The program will also work to establish voluntary agreements on environmental compliance between companies and the Ministry of Environment.

  • To contribute to the implementation of Corporate Environmental Management policies and promote the link between business and the environment.
  • To develop initiatives and conservation programs for protected areas, environmental education and the implementation of policies for cleaner production systems.
  • To involve colleges in the formulation of environmental impact studies, expand the technical quality of studies and enhance their credibility.To streamline all requests by the Ministry of Environment through the implementation of an expedited system (creating a customer service “fast window”)
  • to obtain authorizations, environmental permits or licenses for projects submitted by member companies of RENAEPA that meet the established requirements.
  • To develop legal tools that encourage the adoption of a system of environmental management by businesses within the principles of ISO 14001 regulations or any other environment security and protection system.
  • To contribute to the creation of the national environmental prize, awarded by the Executive Branch (of the government) in recognition of leading companies in the field of environmental management, in accordance with Article 66 of Law 64-00.



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