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Term Transversal axis

Tool that integrates different fields of knowledge: health, environment, consumption, moral education, gender, ethics, peace and human development, among others. It must be intentional, and therefore, requires planning and evaluation. There should be permanent interaction between the axes and other teachings.

The transverse axes promote interdisciplinary global and complex visions that provide understanding of phenomena that are difficult to explain from the bias of just one discipline. They also help in decision-making, improve self-reliance and the capacity for dialogue and develop reasoning, reflection, critical thinking, empathy, involvement and responsibility.

The curricular structure of the Dominican Republic stipulates the following transverse axes:

• Social and natural context

• Dominican culture: identity and diversity

• Democracy and citizen participation

• Science and technology

• Work as a means of personal fulfillment and basis for social development

• Health education

• Creativity and talent development

The environmental dimension is taught in the social and natural context axis, which incorporates and integrates knowledge derived from natural, scientific, social, physical, mathematical and cultural disciplines from everyday life to produce an experience of the environment as a conceptual union of the sensory and the intelligible world, unifying knowledge ranging from our immediate environment (socio-cultural and environmental micro-habitat) to the universe.

The environment constitutes the most vital unit of a complex system that interactively integrates living beings and the elements of their natural and social realities.

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