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Term Protected Area

A geographic area that is regulated, designated or operated in order to achieve specific conservation objectives. In the Dominican Republic, the General Law on the Environment and Natural Resources (Law 64-00) defines it as an area of land and/or sea especially dedicated to the protection and preservation of significant elements of biodiversity and associated cultural and natural resources, managed by legal and other effective means. The country currently has a total of 119 protected areas covering a surface of 25,472.04 km2, equivalent to 52.8% of the country. Protected waters cover 13,225.96 km2, while terrestrial protected areas cover 12,246.08 km2.1

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1 Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales. Cuarto Informe Nacional de Biodiversidad: República Dominicana; Convenio de Diversidad Biológica (CDB): Santo Domingo, 2010, p. 8.

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