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Term Community development

Designates those processes by which the efforts of a population are added to those of its government to improve the economic, social, and cultural conditions of the community, integrating it into the life of the country and enabling it to fully contribute to national progress.

The country acknowledges the need and importance of the development of communities of scarce economic resources, through the sustainable use of natural resources. Many communities, especially in rural areas, have the potential to become local creators of their own resources. For this reason, national and international initiatives, aimed at advancing the development of the country through community development, are of great importance.

At present, different community projects are being carried out in the country. One of the institutions that stands out is the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), whose goal is to enhance the quality of life of the members of different communities through the improvement of housing infrastructure, water sanitation, and support for education and health.1

One of the projects that USAID is working on, alongside the Dominican Institute for Research and Development, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the Town of Juan de Herrera, is the opening of an organic fertilizer factory in said town.1

Another initiative driving community development in the country, is the Program to Support Rural Microenterprises of Latin America and the Caribbean. Among the projects that this program implements, are the Agricultural Development Program in San Juan de la Managua and the Project for the Agricultural Development of Small-scale Producers in the Southwest Region-Phase II.2

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