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Term Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

Quantity of oxygen consumed in the oxidization of organic and inorganic matter in a sample of water. It is an indirect measurement of the amount of organic compounds found in surface or sewage water. Its units are milligrams of dissolved oxygen per liter (mg O2/l). COD determines the amount of organic pollutants in water, therefore making it a useful measurement of water quality.

The source can be any activity or facility (structure, building, vessel) that can generate or does in fact generate, directly or indirectly, discharges into the environment. These sources are divided into specific and nonspecific:

A) Specific Source: any confined and discrete, discernible source, from which liquids flow or can flow, including, among others, the following: pipes, ditches, tunnels, trenches, drains, wells, cracks or crevices, containers, equipments, and vehicles.

B) Nonspecific Source: Any type of pollutant that comes from a dispersed source, including runoff from agricultural areas, mining operations, and construction zones.

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