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Term Watershed

Spatial unit integrated within a given territory that is drained by a single natural drainage system. A drainage basin includes all areas that gather precipitation water and direct it to a particular stream, stream system, lake, or other body of standing water.They act as funnels by collecting all water within the area and channeling it to a single point. Each drainage basin is separated topographically from adjacent basins by barriers such as ridges, hills or mountains, which act as hydrological watershed dividers. Since the seventies, drainage basins been used for the study, integrated planning and rational management not only of water, but all natural resources.

14 basins have been identified in the Dominican Republic; their main characteristics are listed in Table D-1. In response to technical and economic concepts, the country has given priority to the comprehensive management of some basins and sub basins in order to ensure environmental and socio-economic sustainability of human settlements. These basins have a population of over five million people and include 14 dams, six of which are hydroelectric, as well as 88 aqueducts. Among them are 19 protected areas including national parks, scientific reserves, recreational areas, greenbelts, wildlife refuges and biological reserves.

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TableMajor watersheds of the Dominican Republic
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