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Term Crinoids

Type of marine animal belonging to the echinoderm group. It receives the common name of sea lily, due to the appearance of its branched, feathery arms.

It is characterized by a cup-shaped body, consisting of a number of arms that are covered with spikes or pinnula around a central mouth. The mouth, which is situated on top, is extended by the animal to filter food from the water.        

Crinoids can be fixed to a substrate or swim freely on the sea floor. Those with peduncles, about 80 species, are attached to the marine substrate via a long, segmented basal stalk and live mostly in depths of more than 200 meters. The rest, some 540 species, lack peduncles and move slowly along the bottom, mainly above 200 meters.

Of the more than 600 species of crinoids that currently exist, 18 have been identified in the coastal waters off the coast of the Dominican Republic.


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